Aralar shows solidarity with convicted young activists

Aralar wants to show its full support and solidarity to Aiala Zaldibar, Igarki Robles and Ibon Esteban, the three young political activists who have been sentenced to prison.

Zaldibar, Esteban and Robles, along with four other activists, were recently sentenced to six years in prison for their political activism accused of being members of the banned youth organization Segi. The conviction was based on statements made at the police station, that the activists denied in court.

Furthermore, Aralar greets all those who participated in the popular Support Wall of the activists in Vitoria.

Aralar considers that a so-called democratic estate couldn’t continue judging citizens for political reasons and for doing politics. Aralar demands the Spanish government to put aside such attitudes reminiscent past times, which don’t help to advance the Peace Process