"This nation can't wait 40 years more for the PNV"

The general secretary of Aralar Rebeka Ubera and the member of the Board of Aralar and Navarrese parliamentary Asun Fernández de Garaialde appeared before the media to do a statement on the peace process and political situation.

Excerpts from the statement:

More than three years ETA decided to give up the armed struggle, but the Basque Country is still in a state of total abnormality. Examples of this are the arrest, last week, of representatives of the civil organizations Jaiki Hadi and Etxerat or the decision to keep imprisoned several for the sake of politics. Moreover, in recent weeks, the Spanish state has enacted a series of laws that cut public freedoms of citizens and human rights.

We live in an abnormal situation, subordinate to the laws and totally undemocratic attitudes of the Spanish state. Do we want to continue subordinate to a state that criminalizes solidarity, democracy and the solution? Do we want to continue subordinate to state that violates fundamental human rights of individuals?

Aralar thinks that this path is going anywhere. Aralar thinks we should leave the soonest this impasse. As a society and as a nation we must turn heading 180 degrees. That is precisely what the majority of Basque society demands. In spite of this will, the PNV still committed to a, autonomy statute that is totally exhausted, repeatedly looking at what happens in Madrid. The PNV only offer Basque society a number of outdated proposals, it is unable to adapt to the new reality, and it isn’t capable of the self-criticism that it demands time and again to others. Aralar thinks that this nation can’t keep waiting for another 40 years to the PNV. We should stop looking at Madrid. We should start making our own way. That’s what Basque society demands.

We are in an excellent position to build peace and coexistence and to advance towards the implementation of the right to self-determination. We are in an excellent position to bring Basque society to a normal situation.

In order to achieve that purpose, they are two key factors: to get away from partisan interests and positions and to prioritize a national vision. The Basque Country requires agreements that go further the consensus built-up by political parties. The Basque Country needs bottom-up agreements. We should act as a nation and as a society. The goal should be to achieve the broadest possible agreement, for the sake of our nation and citizens.

Therefore, we want to make a special appeal to the Basque Government, to the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), to all that believe in democracy regardless their national feelings:

- It is totally sterile to wait and to look to Madrid hopping that agreements will arrive. Therefore, it is time to join the desire and will of the vast majority of the Basque society. It's time to give up the strategy of agreements in Madrid and with Madrid. It's time to work hand-in-hand with the actors and citizens of this nation in order that peace, coexistence and the right to self-determination will become reality