Aralar states that the decision of the Supreme Court is contrary to human rights

Aralar thinks that today's decision by the Supreme Court against Basque prisioners, Alberto Plazaola and Santiago Arrospide, is contrary to human rights, law and democracy. In that sense, the general secretary of Aralar Rebeka Ubera stated that it is "a fascist decision that goes against human rights, laws and therefore, democracy itself."

Ubera stressed that this is a decision with a clear political momentum. "Once again, it has become clear the undemocratic nature of the political powers in Spain"

Aralar thinks that the Spain is acting against European law and against the criteria set by the European Court of Human Rights. "But we can not remain indifferent and await the decision of the Strasbourg Court. Violations of human rights can not last another day; it is necessary that political, institutional and social forces of the Basque Country and the Basque society itself will respond firmly and strongly. But not only that; it should be given one more step to make new steps in respecting human rights and peace through the implementation of dialogue and the seeking broad agreements "stressed Ubera.

Aralar Secretary General noted that this one is the only way forward towards resolution. "As we have observed internationally, such as in the peace process in Colombia, this is the way. The solution is not coming from the courts, but from the political sphere. Clearly the urgency of establishing international standards and the basic elements on respect and protection of human rights and transitional justice ".