Aralar supports the recommendations of the Social Forum

Aralar praised positively the 12 recommendations presented this week by the Social Forum. Patxi Zabaleta, Rebeka Ubera and Dani Maeztu stressed that the recommendations must be satisfied in full, without exceptions.

Aralar believes that the development of these 12 recommendations is both the challenge and the responsibility that political and social agents are facing.

Many social and political agents gave their opinion on these recommendations. In some cases, negative opinions were given. However, they didn't take into account the contents of the recommendations or they didn't argue their criticism. The Popular Party made general disqualifications, but it didn't analyse the content. The Socialist Party, meanwhile, launched a liar and evil complaint: that the recommendations were custom-made. But neither the PP nor the PSOE came to assess the content of the recommendations. They were refused without reasons or arguments, because the recommendations are based on human rights and therefore it is impossible find arguments against them.

The Basque Nationalist Party, however, agreed with the recommendations. Consequently, we ask it to bring the agreement into practice and to take concrete steps for the development of the recommendations.

We have to face the challenge of trying to comply with the recommendations and of working for them. If the twelve recommendations were fulfilled, peace in Euskal Herria would be much closer and many more Basque citizens would be guaranteed a decent living.

Aralar considers that the social and political signatories of the Gernika agreement, alongside with the other agents, must socialise the content of these recommendations and , as a consequence of the socialisation, they must try to achieve the social support.

Aralar claims that the 12 recommendations of the Social Forum should be accepted in full and in its entirety, without exceptions. That is to say, with regard to disarmament, to prisoners and refugees, to prison policy, to memory, to victims ... all must be taken into consideration and we should try to implement and comply with all. That is the challenge of the democratic forces in Euskal Herria.