Aralar called the Basque and Navarrese governments to follow a path of open collaboration similar to that of Northern Basque Country

Aralar made a press conference to analyse the situation of both the peace process and the political normalization of the Basque Country. Dani Maeztu, deputy coordinator of Aralar and Rebeka Ubera, secretary of organization, called the Basque and Navarrese governments to follow a path of open collaboration similar to that of Northern Basque Country, where all political parties are working together to build peace.

The last few months are not proving easy for Basque citizens, especially to those agents who are working for peace and political normalization. When a great majority of Basque society committed to the defence and respect of human rights, to the construction of peace and to the achievement of political normalization, a minority is dancing the music imposed by both inertia and the strategy of Madrid. The Basque Government, the Government of Navarre and the PNV are acting cowardly and without taking initiatives In our country there are still violations of human rights, arrests and there is still people imprisoned for its politics or social activism. Anyway, it seems that for some political parties, media and opinion makers such infringements of rights don’t exist. For them, all violations came to an end in October 2011, when the organization ETA announced the permanent cease of fire. For some, all the suffering ended then. They are also constantly looking at ETA, completely forgetting the Declaration of Aiete. And what is even more unacceptable, creating first and second category citizens, by classifying the sufferings also as first and second class. They deny that all persons have equal rights. Aralar has clear that there are still many steps to do, by one of the sides and also by the other. Aralar has clear that all steps in the process of peace must come from unilateralism, from the path set in the Gernika Agreement, giving prominence to the Basque society. Any kind of condition shouldn’t be taken into account. And in this way significant steps to build peace has been done. But some persist in obviating those steps and they relocate the red line farther and farther away. Therefore, some people continue to be denied their rights as a consequence of "undemocratic" laws. Human rights, democratic principles and dialogue are still denied. Those negationists know that if the Basque conflict ends, the implementation of the right to decide is unstoppable. Last week a ray of hope shone among all those black clouds. The Spanish Constitutional Court accepted the appeal of those imprisoned because of the Bateragune case who have been in prison since 2009 for the sake of politics. The release of political prisoners of the Bateragune case would be a major boost for the process or peace building. A process that now is blocked. Therefore, Aralar calls all Basque citizens and institutions to stop looking at Madrid and to continue to work tirelessly for peace building. The Agreement Gernika and the Aiete forum are the means. Lets implement them. Furthermore, they should unmask undemocratic attitude of the Government of Madrid. In order to do this we must look at the collaboration being carried out by absolutely all the political forces in Northern Basque Country. But we want to make a special appeal to the Basque Government and the Government of Navarre, asking them to give up kneeling before Rajoy and calling them to begin working together with all stakeholders in the Basque Country, based on the example of Northern Basque Country, where in a even more complicated situation, they have managed to unite to work together. The Spanish and French governments have to know that the time of arrests and persecution have come to an end. We are in time of dialogue so they must exercise the responsibility that the construction of peace requires. They must know that it is time to repeal both the anti-terrorism laws and special jurisdictions, since they violate human rights.