Aralar at the 10th Assembly of ICV

The responsible of international affairs of Aralar, inaki irazabalbeitia, attended this weekend to the 10th General Assembly Iniciativa per Catalunya Verts held in Vidaldecans (Barcelona)


Inaki Irazabalbeitia remarked in his message of greeting to the congress the support of Aralar to the process towards sovereignty of Catalonia and he stressed that the process of national liberation has to be absolutely linked to social liberation. He also remarked that 'The right to decide is a right that must be exercised every day, in the decisions we make about the rights of workers, on gender equality, on the pension system, on the educational system, ... '.


Irazabalbeitia has stressed the need for solidarity and collaboration among peoples and nations in order to both defeat neoliberalism and build a social model serving the whole society. But he noted that 'Solidarity doesn’t mean uniformity. Solidarity is also to accept and to respect the different characteristics of each people and nation. So the struggle for social liberation is inseparable from the struggle for national liberation in Catalonia, in the Basque Country, in Corsica, or in Scotland. '