Aralar is a Basque political and social movement leftwing-nationalist, whose characteristics are: Basque, democratic (internally and externally), separatist, socialist, feminist, environmentalist and internationalist. Aralar has among its purposes:

  • Achieving sovereignty for the Basque Country (Euskal Herria), and full recognition of the Basque nation in an international context of free nations.
  • To build a new social-political system, secular and leftist, to replace the unjust capitalist system. A new framework based on justice, equality, solidarity, economic and political democracy and freedom, that ensures the survival and development of the Basque people and its personality, as part of a sovereign nation built on a common European project.
  • The achievement of peace and political normalization of Euskal Herria, betting on forms of political action and nonviolent civil tools such as dialogue and negotiation
  • To assume as one of its political objectives the contribution to a political debate within the plural left wing nationalists, with an eye to the possible restructuring and unification of the political space around a common political project based on ideological principles of internationalist, democratic and socialist left.
  • To create a socio-linguistically Basque speaking Euskal Herria, where individuals are multilingual and which accepts and protects cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • We want a plural Euskal Herria, where all citizens live under the same conditions, rights and opportunities without discrimination based on race, sex, gender, religion, culture, social background or national origin.
  • Solidarity with the processes of national and social emancipation that are occurring worldwide.

Aralar develops its political activity only in the southern part of the Basque Country that which is under Spanish rule, but has a strong political link with Abertzaleen Batasuna which operates in the northern Basque Country.

Currently Aralar is member of both Amaiur coalition witch got 7 seats at the Spanish Congress and EHBildu coalition witch got 21 seats at the Basque Parliament.