Marks of identity

ARALAR Meeting point of leftist independentists

1. Marks of identity of ARALAR. ARALAR is a nationalist and pro-independence left wing party. The aim of its political activity is the creation of the Federal Republic of The Basque Country. The Republic of Basque Country is to be built on the free adhesion of its citizens.

2 Territoriality and citizenship. Territoriality can not establish itself as a closed concept, which is based solely on historical or cultural criteria, and that concept should not give greater importance to the physical territory than to the people who inhabit it. The seven historical territories that form The Basque Country are the limit of our territory. If things go as we wish, those territories will shape the future Republic of The Basque Country. The duty of us, the Basque independentists, is to achieve the free adhesion of the citizens of those territories to our national project.

3 Decision-making scope: self-determination. The Basque Country is a nation structured in base of his distinct historical territories, as a consequence of both political imposition and their own historical evolution. Therefore, we sustain that the whole Basque Country is the subject of the right of self-determination, but the exercise of that right could be implemented at different times in each of the 3 distinct political-administrative scopes that shape our nation. That is to say, the subject of the self-determination is the Basque Country, but the scope of decision could be conformed it the different territories.

ARALAR aims to achieve independence through the exercise of the right of self-determination.

4 Other exercises of sovereignty. ARALAR is committed to the political structuring of Europe. The political configuration of Europe will be the one European citizens, want. So, its citizens should democratically control the Europe we would like to build.