A new left

The left of the 21th century

1. The leadership of the civil society; the importance of the social movements. We have already noted that the left of the future will operate without complex at the institutional level, and the persons of ARALAR has the willingness to do so, because this is one of the scopes to impulse the social change. But at the same time, our members are part of social and popular movements. ARALAR will build up its political fight based in these two pillars: institutional work and social movements. The two areas make up the nervous system of our identity, and this synthesis is our way of thinking about politics.

2. Individual and community, the two sides of a same coin. The men and women of ARALAR recognise in individuality a core value, and thus we engage with its radical defence.

At the same time, we understand that the individual projectis embedded in a commitment to society. We are part of a left-wing thought that brings together the two dimensions: individual freedom and collective good, individuality and community engagement, freedom and equality, individual opportunity and social justice ... Our aim is a balanced social development, understanding that the personal development of Basque citizens will only be possible within the framework of a strong and balanced development of Basque society as a whole.

3. A left from and for the Basque Country. We identify in the long history of our nation and its social traditions some of the values and principles that we want for our project of Basque nationalist left. The nation of the Basques has been built, like many others, on the basis of deep community roots, which are embodied in our mythology, our collective imagination, and traditional institutions known as 'auzo-lan'. We want to collect the inheritance of our ancestors and of the popular culture that advocates for values like equality, cooperation, democracy and solidarity, because we feel ourselves part of a long sequence of generations whose contributions we acknow. Based in acknowledge of our past and our traditions, we aim to build the future.

The Basque Country is the natural space of our political initiative.

4. Civil disobedience as a method. For the left that want to build the forms of political action are important. One of the cornerstones of our conception of politics lies in the role of citizens and in the leadership of the civil society.  Those are the main subjects of our political action. We consider that civil disobedience of active citizens is the appropriate form of struggle for social transformation.

5. The State and its functions. It is not easy to adopt a coherent left position with regarding to the weight the government should have. It's not hard to fall into silliness as 'more government' or 'less government'.  As a general principle, we do not identify with statism. We distrust the possibility of a strong government model, because our style, thought and political practice in self-construction of civil society. Statism accounts for most of the time, the concentration of power, the constitution of a political caste, the monopoly of violence, a monolithic and expensive bureaucracy...

6. The neoliberal globalisation; internationalisation of the solidarity. The neoliberalism is a new phase of capitalism. The economic reason became the supreme reason and other logics will be considered irrational if they don't fulfil the requirements of competitiveness and economic efficiency. Economy tries to defeat politics and the market, democracy.

Neoliberalism is also a thought and a practice that causes atomization of individuals, from the exclusive strengthening individual initiative and the individualization of social conflict. The social and economic problems (unemployment, poverty, exclusion...) are managed in the private-personal, and as a result, are gaining strength strategies blaming the disadvantaged. We demand the following measures: the abolition of the foreign debt, the establishment of measures such as the Tobin Tax, the radical defence of the rights of all women, the end of all international speculative activities and the right to self-determination of nations.

7. Deepening democracy. Deepening democracy should be one of the cornerstones of the policy of the left. That means the possibility those individuals and communities posses to control the factors that determine their lives. Aralar advocates for strengthening experiences of self-constitution of society, deepening in the self-organization of civil society in all spheres of social life.

Therefore, we demand models of participatory governance.

Participatory democracy should not be understood as a series of referenda or assemblies. It goes further. For knowing the opinion of society there are mechanisms that can give it greater cohesion in the process of taking a decision or making a judgment than referenda or assemblies. ARALAR promote the use of these and similar mechanisms to increase the participation of society in making policy decisions, especially those in which a conflict may arise, for example, designing a plan for waste treatment.